Hey y'all! I'm Andrew.

Freelance Full Stack Developer, Creator, & Entrepreneur

I'm currently working as a freelance web developer in Raleigh, NC and am open to any new opportunities. I am proficient in JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, and am learning Rust.

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Medium post Deno 1.28
Deno 1.28 "Houston, We've Got NPM Capabilities!"

A Medium post about Deno 1.28.

On: 15 November 2022
Goodbye horrible year
Thankful for the Worst Damn Year of My Life

A Thanksgiving post about being grateful for 2022.

On: 23 November 2022
This Website in a blog post
GeauxWeisbeck4.dev Version Two

A post about this website!

On: 7 December 2022
Matt Rhule, Nebraska Head Coach
Thoughts on Nebraska Football - Matt Rhule

Nebraska has another new coach.

On: 8 December 2022
UNC Duke Final Four
Day 15: UNC-Duke Final Four

This is the biggest game ever.

On: 02 April 2022
React Styleguide
Air BnB React Style Guide

The first post in this series.

On: 29 October 2022

Offering Next Gen Solutions

Quality full stack development, marketing, and design services

Static Assets

Full-Stack Web Development

Static Websites, Mobile, Progressive, and Native Apps

  • I build with Deno by default, but can use any runtime or language you want - i.e. Python, Bun, Node.js, Ruby
  • React & Next.js, Ember.js, Angular, Svelte, Django & Flask
  • Netlify, Shopify, and Storyblok CMS Partners.
Heatmap design services

UI/UX Research & Design Services

Custom Templates, Components, and Graphics

  • Shop templates and components - coming soon
  • Optimize and create graphics, photos, logos and other digital art
  • Design infographics, cards, and other content related graphic design
content creation

Technical Writing/Content Creation

Blog posts, technical documentation, and courses/tutorials

  • Create blog posts following SEO best practices
  • Documentation that your team and others will find easy to read
  • Can provide any type of writing and/or content such as ebooks, magazines, or essays

Featured Projects

Check the full showcase on my project portfolio page

HuskerJS.dev website homepage
November 19, 2022

HuskerJS.dev - The College Sports Blogging Platform

Utilizing JavaScript to create fun and engaging college sports experiences for bloggers and fans.

Geaux Random Quotes Generator
November 19, 2022

Geaux's Random Quotes Generator

Created with JavaScript, a custom API, and deployed to Netlify. Uses Vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Hero Patterns.

Geaux-Recipes Cookbook App
November 19, 2022

Geaux-Recipes Cookbook App

A recipes app, built with 11ty. Lisa and I share our favorite recipes on this application.

Tar Heel Window Washing Home Page
November 19, 2022

Tar Heel Window Washin'

A local window washing business that Lisa and I started here in Raleigh.

Geaux Engaging Products Website
November 19, 2022

Geaux Engaging Products

My blog website that follows my experience in the Section 4 Product Engagement Sprint.

My Deno Blog
October 14, 2022

GeauxWeisbeck4.dev Deno Blog

My personal blog for this website was created with the Deno Blog package and is rad.


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