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Product Positioning Sprint

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I wasn't planning on attending this sprint until I got an email from Section 4 that I was able to attend any sprint for the rest of the year - included with my membership which was already a scholarship from my favorite company. Needless to say, this covered a difficult and abstract topic that I think may have been one of the most important topics for me to end up exploring in business.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sprint for many reasons, but I had such a great time learning because of April Dunford. She is a very intelligent, humorous, and thoughtful person, who made this topic easier for me to understand. I strongly recommend anyone who needs help with product positioning to purchase and read her book Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It - I promise you will be entertained.

For my sprint project, I first considered Twilio, but I realized that they really kind of had their positioning nailed down. I had recently found this company Stackbit and found their product fascinating. I also saw that they were hiring, so I thought that this might be a good way to show that I understand their product and also for me to apply these principles to a product that I believe coudl be improved with the topics and frameworks used in this course.

Since Stackbit is a website creation platform and CMS, I thought it would be fun to use their product to present my project. I got a stomach bug the last day this project was due and I didn't finish polishing off the presentation. If there are some things that seem to be missing, I am literally adding them right now as I finish styling and polishing off the website.

Here is the link to my project where you can learn more: Product Positioning Project by Andrew Weisbeck

I hope you enjoy this project as much I enjoyed this sprint and creating my project. Feel free to reach out with any questions or requests to learn more!

Technologies used include:

  • Stackbit's Online Editor/Sourcebit
April Dunford Product Positioning Sprint

Section4 Project

Customer Centered Innovation Sprint

I am stil participating in an incredible Two Week Customer-Centered Innovation sprint through Section4.
For my project, I decided to recreate my brand with the tools I am learning in the sprint. Really it felt more like creating my brand.
The customer base I'm hoping to attract are employers, businesses that need freelance web developers, and entrepreneurs who use software. My brand, @GeauxWeisbeck4, wants to create a pleasant experience for people who visit my webpage when they seek my full stack developer skillset and experience. I designed the first round of my website to include the bare minimum, tidy up my GitHub (feedback from Career Coach), and seek freelance or full-time work to get software building experience.
My Web of Abstraction was designed to create ideas from laddering out on a problem my customers have and laddering back in with the feedback I got. Laddering out was done by navigating my community network available to me. I met with peers and a career coach to consult on how to take the next step in my career. I met with a Section 4 Membership Thought Partner, Jason Schoch who gave me the advice to tidy up my resume, GitHub, and find freelance work. I also decided to tidy up my personal page.
Web of Abstraction
How? With Github and Resume
How? Publish your projects
How? Get noticed with your work
Customer problem: Finding Andrew to hire for work
How to solve: Build solid Personal Page and tidy up Github. Input back down the web
Jason: Tidy up your resume
Peer: Focus on learning how software is made
Research: Build your community
Jobs to be done
Build resume and tidy up Github
I will use the RIME framework moving forward to test and asses ideas. You can see how I have it set up below. You can also see the results of my project on this personal page.

RIME Framework

  • Reach: My Community, the communities of my own network.
  • Impact: Find a way to discover people who are in need of a freelance Developer
  • Monetization: Creating a Newsletter - have a free personal newsletter and then a weekly paid one
    with really valuable web development tricks and tips.
  • Effort: Network with a new person in my community every day.
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Personal Resume & Portfolio

@GeauxWeisbeck4 Personal Website

My personal website is my resume/portfolio/personal-marketing hub. You can find my educational resources that I've found or created, research I'm currently doing, working I'm doing, etc. You can find the project page here, read about it on my blog or subscribe to my newsletter.

Technologies used include:

  • HTML
  • CSS Grid
  • JavaScript
  • MEAN Stack
Screenshot of the Wall of Wonder Collections.

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